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Read fairy tales of the 2nd grade breast milk
Once upon a time, there was a boy in the small countryside who was loved and pampered by his mother, so he was very playful, mischievous.

One day, because he was so mischievous to make his mother angry, when he was scolded by his mother, he was angry and left his house.

Leaving the house, he wandered around, not caring about the mother at home. His mother went everywhere searching, not seeing any news of her so she was extremely sad.

From that day on, every day his mother sat at the door to look forward to her young son returning. But a few weeks have passed without your news. His mother was too anxious to worry, worried about him, so he fell ill and died soon after.

As for this boy, leaving home wandering around the country, until he was hungry, could not find anything to eat, no one gave alms to him, then he suddenly remembered his mother: "Yes then, my mother is at home, every time I am hungry, my mother cooks rice for me, she loves me so much, I have to go home. ”

Thinking so, the boy found his way back home.

When he got home, he was still familiar with the house and the scenery, but he kept calling and didn't see his mother answer. He searched everywhere and kept calling:

- Mommy! Where is mother I'm so hungry, Mom!

But even if he called hoarsely, no one answered. Too tired from hunger and exhaustion, the dismayed boy sat down beside a big tree in the garden. But strangely, the tree suddenly shook very hard, then a very large fruit fell on his hand. Hungry to death, the boy hastily picked up the fruit and took a big bite. The boy exclaimed: "Too hot!" Then there was another fruit falling on him, this time he peeled off the cover and bit into the seed, he cried again: "Hard!" Then there was another big fruit falling on him. This time, he picked up the fruit, rolled it over and over on the hand, immediately the fruit softened, and cracked the shell, leaving another small line. He tasted it was incredibly sweet, fragrant like mother's milk. The boy came close to his mouth and drank the sweet, fragrant milk. Through hunger, he seemed to regain his original strength.

There was a rustling wind blowing, the leaves trembling, speaking:

“Must eat three times to know the good fruit

I have great wisdom to understand my parents' hearts.

At that time, the boy burst into tears when he realized that his dear mother was no longer in this life.

He looked up at the luxuriant foliage, the green leaves, and on the other side like red, like the eyes of his tired mother crying and waiting for him to return. The boy hugged the tree and burst into tears, the leaves hanging down like his mother's hands cuddling him in his lap.

The boy was deeply regretful of his previous actions but did not keep up, now unable to bring his mother back.

That tree is giving more and more delicious fruits. The people in the area because of the strange and delicious fruit immediately asked for seeds to plant. Because I found the fruit for delicious milk like breast milk, I named this tree a breast milk.

The story of the breast milk coming here is over!
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