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In the past, there were two brothers who were orphaned and their parents died very early. When his brother was married, he no longer wanted to live with his younger brother, so he decided to share his wealth with his brother.

He was originally a greedy man, so he alone occupied all the fields of gardens, houses and cattle left by his parents before he died, and he only gave his brother the right one. A small hut with a narrow garden, and a sweet star fruit tree in the garden.

Because the younger brother, who is gentle, should yield to his brother, he does not complain a sentence when he receives the other part. Every day, the children always take care of and apply enough fertilizer for sweet star fruit trees in their garden. At the same time, he also works as a hired labor in wealthy families everywhere to earn money to support himself.

One year, the sweet star fruit tree in the garden of the younger brother suddenly had a very wrong result, all the branches were heavy with sweet and golden fruits. When the younger brother saw his star fruit tree, he took care of the wrong thing, he was also extremely excited, considering that he would bring the star fruit to sell in exchange for money to eat rice.

One day, a bird from Phoenix appeared to come from the house of the sister's sweet star fruit to eat fruit. Seeing the bird pecking out the star fruit in the garden, the younger brother immediately took the stick out to chase the bird, he said:

- Hey bird! We only have this fruit tree, we have to work hard and cultivate it day and night, just wait until the fruit collection day. Now you come to eat all the fruit, then we take something to sell but only to buy rice here. If you want to come and eat fruit, you have to give me something else worth a little.

The Phoenix bird was just engrossed in love and turned to respond:

- Eat one, pay gold, sew three bags and take it.

People who hear the words of the birds are also somewhat reassured, so they just let the birds delight in eating sweet star fruit on their house plants. A few days later, the Phoenix bird flew to eat sweet star fruit the day before. When it is full, the new bird will tell the younger one to take a three-gang bag and the bird will fly to get the gold to pay the money.

Phoenix flies with her brother on her back and keeps flying, it flies through the majestic high mountains, flies over the immense sea again, then lands on the island that is filled with gold and silver Sparkling treasures.

The brother who saw the island was extremely surprised, went around looking at it for a little pleasure. After that, put the gold in the three-gang bag that was taken from the house. When Phuong Hoang bird asked his younger brother to take some more gold, the younger brother insisted on refusing, saying that he had enough. When the younger brother got the gold, the Phoenix bird carried him back and flew back to the house.

From that day on, the younger brother now has a lot of gold and silver, has become a rich man. But because his nature is gentle and kind, although he has a lot of gold and silver but he is not greedy, he brings money to buy rice to buy rice, and also brings money to help disadvantaged families. another poverty.

When his brother learned that his brother was paid by Phuong Hoang when he offered it to him by transporting it to the gold and silver island, he went to his house to play, then he asked his brother to swap the house and the garden with the garden. I can equal new. Seeing his brother insist on changing, the younger brother also obeyed, brought his sweet star fruit tree to his brother, and received the garden with the house.

Seeing that my brother had agreed to exchange houses for me, my brother was extremely excited like opening a flag in my stomach. So immediately returned home to ask his wife to prepare furniture to move to the old house of her brother, and waited until the next year the Phoenix bird would fly to eat and then bring him to get gold.

The following year, when the starving season has arrived, as expected by the brother, this year's star fruit tree is still wrong and ripe. And the Phoenix bird always flies to eat sweet star fruit every day. When he saw the bird, the brother began to play a game of poverty and misery, crying to the birds. When the bird heard it, he told his brother:

- Eat one, pay gold, sew three bags and take it.

Hearing the bird cry, the brother was extremely happy, he immediately sent his wife to get a bag of twelve cast iron so that he could take it and collect lots of gold. How much different from the younger brother, the next few days, the Phoenix bird flew again and kept the promise of transporting him to the golden island to collect gold to pay the money it had eaten.

When he first set foot on the island, he quickly rushed a lot of gold in a hurry, stuffed it into the bag that he brought. Not only that, the bag is full, he starts to pick up the gold that is stuffed around him, because his nature is very greedy, never feels enough.

When everything was finished, Phuong Hoang birds brought him back. However, the gold bag that he brought with him was too heavy, the bird told him several times that it would be removed but he would not listen, but kept trying to hold the bag with it. While being heavy and angry, Phuong Hoang bird tilted its wings one by one, the greedy brother embracing the gold bag was thrown to the deep sea floor.

Here is the end of fairytale fairy tale children. Young children take good care, study well and don't study greed like a brother in a story!
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