Fairy tale Thanh Giong

Holy fairy tales set out to fight the invasion of the 6th grade
Once upon a time in the days of King Hung Vuong before, in a certain area, there was an old woman who was also tall, but still had to live alone. One day, when the sky was bright, she often went up to visit the pagoda, unknowingly seeing a big footprint crushing all of her coffee. Looking at this footprint, she was surprised to shout:

- Alas! Whose foot is that big?

Curious, she put her foot in and tried the strange footprint, suddenly she shivered. And from that day on she became pregnant. When the fetus in the abdomen had enough of a full day, she gave birth to a lovely, plump boy, who immediately named it Giong.

However, although Giong was three years old, unlike other children, he still lay back on his back demanding food, not knowing how to sit, but not saying anything without laughing.

At that time was the time when the enemy invaded the country to steal our country. This enemy group is extremely aggressive and cruel, the general's name is named An Vuong, he has an extremely ancient and grim image. Wherever they went, they burned their doors and killed people to rob everywhere.

Hung Vuong's army also had many times to lead troops to battle, but the weak power should not be able to fight back those powerful and powerful enemies. King Hung found the situation unstable, extremely worried, so hurriedly ordered his messenger to go everywhere in the country hoping to find talented generals to help the king save the country on the shore. be in jeopardy.

One day, the messenger came to his village, Giong. When hearing the loudspeaker saying that the king was praying for talents all over the place, Giong's mother was lulling her children and joking with her children:

- My son! The good son of his mother kept going and did not say that, knowing when he could go to chase the enemy to help the king!

Unbelievably when the mother had just finished speaking, Giong suddenly opened his mouth and spoke out loud:

- Please go and call the messenger to your home!

But when he finished speaking, Giong remained silent. The mother saw that, half happy and half afraid, hurriedly rushed to bring this strange story to the surrounding neighbors. Seeing strange things happen, everyone rushed to Giong's house, everyone thought this was a miraculous thing. One person in the crowd said:

- I try to invite the messenger to come and see what it wants to do.

So everyone ran out to invite the messenger, when the messenger came into the house and saw Giong immediately asked:

- Are you the only three-year-old kid to learn to speak? What do you invite me to come here for?

Steadily answer the messenger's question again:

- Go and tell the king to the blacksmith of an iron horse, make an iron sword, add an iron armor, and a iron hat, then I will help chase those guys away!

Everyone who witnessed it felt very strange and miraculous. Given that this is the embodiment deity, the messenger hurriedly rode the horse back to the palace to tell the whole story to the king and his knights.

Hung Vuong listened to the messenger clearly and was extremely happy, immediately ordered the blacksmiths to gather all the iron to forge iron horses, iron swords, iron armor and iron helmets exactly as his instructions. baby

The things that are done when they are done are too heavy to describe. Dozens of people put together an iron sword that would not budge at all. Therefore, King Hung had to send thousands of his soldiers to find all possible ways to transport the goods to the boy named Giong.

Upon hearing the news of the army of soldiers together bringing these iron items to the village, Giong's mother was terrified and ran straight home to tell her son:

- My son! The king's story is not fun. Now that the soldiers are roaring and pulling each other out to the yard, we know what to do now?

Hearing my mother say that, Giong suddenly sat up and said:

- The story of beating the enemy's mother does not need to worry about doing anything. But I have to give her a lot to eat before I can!

The mother rushed to blow the rice to feed her son, but she cooked any pot and Giong immediately ate it. And every time he ate a pot of rice she cooked, he grew a little bigger, he asked for food again. The more the mother gives her, the bigger the baby Giong gets, the faster the big boy blows, not long before he becomes a healthy young man.

When the rice was gone, the mother had to run around the village to call. Everyone in the village was busy preparing rice, bringing potatoes, and there were buffaloes, including alcohol, and many fruit and fruit cakes, ... filled with a large yard.

However, no matter how much the villagers gave him, Giong ate it again, but he continued to demand more restless food. After that, Giong told his mother:

- Please find a cloth to make clothes for you to wear.

Hearing Giong say that, everyone together brought countless silk fabrics to sew new clothes for him. However, his body grew very strange in a strange way, new clothes were sewn, it was tight and short right away, causing people to bring cloth to patch more and more constantly. Soon his head reached the roof.

When the people in the village were not surprised, the soldiers also carried iron horses, iron swords, iron armor and helmets. Seeing that, he stepped out, he stretched his shoulders and the suddenly tall man stood like a mountain, his legs were longer than a staff, he shouted a sound like a thunder:

- I am the general of the Heaven!

Then Giong quickly put the iron armor on him, put on the iron hat on his head, and took the iron sword in one hand and danced a few times. Then he said his farewell to his mother and all the villagers, and finally jumped on the iron horse. The iron horse suddenly jumped up and sprayed straight ahead of the blazing red flame.

Chang Giong took one of his legs with one foot, the horse immediately flew as it flew, it strayed long jumps to have dozens of rattles, shaking the earth and sky. In the blink of an eye, it rushed to the enemy camp, a wide range of camps spread across the forests. He Giong immediately swung his sword in his hand like a flash. How many people were beaten by An enemy soldiers and died. Then the iron horse screamed out the fire that burned the camps, and burned the forests. The smoke and dust flew through the sky, and the screams cried aloud.

Despite being injured a lot, but the King of An enemy still kept screaming and ordered the army to advance, Giong beat him even harder, seeing the enemy's army was scattered everywhere in the forest. Suddenly his iron sword broke. But he was not a little confused, and immediately reached for the big bamboo bushes on both sides of the road and threw the dust bag into the hordes of enemies clinging to the command of the general.

But the An enemy also did not hold out for long, then began to disintegrate, scattered all over the place, and the name of the enemy, King An, was crushed to dissolve himself. Hordes of cruel soldiers who saw their generals died then hurriedly bowed to ask for goods.

At this point, the Hung Vuong army and all the villagers here only have to rush in and tie them all up. Less than that, Giong was able to subtract water. At that time, Giong's iron horse also reached the foot of Soc Son mountain. When he arrived at this place, Giong took the iron armor and iron helmet to leave, then rode the iron horse and flew straight to the sky.

After the invasion of the foreign invaders, in order to commemorate the merits of the hero, King Hung gave the man to build his temple Giong right in his homeland, the style of the man became Phu Dong Thien Vuong.

Until today, we can still see the remnants of the circular ponds that continue to be connected from Kim Anh, through Da Phuc and then to Soc Son, his father said that it was is the footprint of the iron horse left by Saint Giong. And the forest burned down by the fire of the iron horse is now called Fire village. And the bamboo that Thanh Giong brought up to fight the fire-fighting enemy, so from the green, it turned out to be yellow, and there were more speckles of burns, still like that, people still call it bamboo. ivory (or ivory bamboo).
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