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Content of the fairy tale clever boy of grade 3 and grade 6

Once upon a time in our country there was a certain king, the king ordered one of his officers to go wandering around the country to see if anyone was talented. And the official had to go to a lot of places, go anywhere, and also offered a series of extremely dreadful puzzles to attract everyone's attention. However, it takes a lot of time and effort, but still cannot find out who is really at fault.

One day when the mandarin passed by a field in the other village, accidentally saw some father and son working together in the fields, the father beat the buffalo to plow ahead, and the child ran behind to beat land. So the officer stopped the horse and asked:

- Old man! How many sugar lines does his buffalo last day?

The father, when asked, stood still in a place where he still did not know how to answer, so the son of about seven to eight years old was quick to ask, and asked, why:

- Let me ask this question first. If he could answer how many steps his horse had taken one day, then I would tell him how much sugar was taken from my buffalo one day.

When the mandarin heard that the boy asked to twitch his body like that, he could only open his mouth, and he was shocked, so he didn't know how to respond. Quan thought again and again that the other boy was definitely a talent, and had to go far and seek further to lose his energy. Thinking so, the mandarin immediately asked his father's name as well as the village's hometown, and then rode back to the capital to tell the king.

When the king heard the official again, he was very happy. However, because he wanted to correct everything, the king sent a mandarin to give the other village three baskets of glutinous rice and three buffaloes, and ordered the village to raise so that from three buffaloes to nine other buffaloes. , the appointment until the following year must bring the full amount to submit, if not, the whole village will be guilty.

When the villagers knew that the king's orders were all jubilant, extremely worried, they did not understand what this was all about. So the village opened so many meetings, then there were not many of those talks, but in the end, they still couldn't think of the best way to solve this difficult situation.

Then from top to bottom, from old people to young children, this is a no-nonsense disaster. A few days later, it came to the baby's ears as the worker of the mechanic who worked the day before. I told my father immediately:

- Sometimes when my village was given by the king, let me go to the village to bring two buffaloes to go to the meat, and take two baskets of sticky rice for the whole village to eat together for a good meal to enjoy the mouth. With a sticky rice basket left with a buffalo, my father asked the village to pay for my father and son to go into the sutra to take care of everything.

The father who hears his son says that he also loses his soul:

- What kind of food is there to eat when the meat is eaten? You do not foolishly fly your head!

However, the child still insisted on telling his father:

- I just leave it to you to take care of, whatever will be done.

Do not stop me, so the father had to find the village to present everything to the whole village. When everyone in the village heard the father say so, there were still half of suspicion, so the father and son of the family wrote a paper to make sure. After that dare to let the buffalo lean out and beat the cup together.

A few days later, the father and the daughter of the family were wrapped up in a towel and found their way to the citadel. When I arrived in front of the palace, my son told my father to wait outside, and I was at the time when the guard guards unintentionally sneaked into the dragon's yard and cried loudly. The king heard the crying immediately and called out the soldiers and went inside and said:

- Why is that kid coming to this place crying and crying somg? Do you have something?

- I want the king, - The baby pretended to respond - my mother died early, but my father refused to give birth to a child of a child to play with my children for a friend, so I cried. May the king give orders to your father so that I can be thanks.

Hearing the baby say, the king and all courtiers must laugh. The king immediately said:

- If you want to have a younger brother to play with you, then you have to search for your father, another wife.

Upon hearing the king's words, the baby was also fully awake:

- So why did our village receive the order of the king to raise three male buffaloes so that they could turn into nine children to return? How does the male breed give birth?

The new king smiled and said:

- We just tried them! So your whole village doesn't know how to bring buffaloes with sticky rice and eat meat together?

- A lot of kings, the whole village, when they received buffaloes and sticky rice, they knew that it was a fortune that the king gave to them, so they could work and celebrate together.

By this time, the king and his court were also subjected to the boy's true intelligence and true error. Even so, the king still wanted to try more. After that day, when the father and son of the other family were eating rice at the inn, suddenly the king's messenger came and brought a sparrow and ordered them to make three food from the bird. The baby immediately asked his father to lend him a sewing needle, then gave it to the other messenger and said:

- You bring this thing to the king to forge into a sharp knife so that I can use it to cut the bird.

When the king listens to the missionary, he recovers the mind of the baby. The king sent a man to pick up both father and son to go inside the palace and give him the ultimate reward.

At that time in a neighboring country, it was always a time to invade our country. They sent messengers to our country to see if our country has talent. The messenger brought a long screw, the two heads were hollow, and then tested if anyone could get a piece of thread through the snail gut.

When the neighboring envoy re-presented the mission, the king and the mandarin in the court looked at each other. No one canresponding to this extremely dreadful puzzle, but if you don't answer it, you're not being inferior, then accepting that you are less pessimistic than your neighbor. So all the high-ranking mandarins in the court scratched their heads and thought out the answer.

Some people try to get the mouth to hope that the thread can get through, and some people put the wax on the thread to make it harder for easy threading ... however, all the ways they think are not effective. . All the mandarins and wise men were summoned into the palace by the king to solve the riddle, but everyone shook their heads and held hands. Finally, the court had to think of a way to invite the ambassador to rest for a few days, extending the time to find a smart baby to ask.

An officer who was ordered by the king to bring him to the house to find the smart baby. When it comes to the right time, the baby is busy playing with friends behind the house. When she heard this official re-present the whole thing along with the strange puzzle of the foreign envoy, the baby did not respond, only sang one sentence:

"Funeral funeral! Mourning love!
Getting ants to tie only on their backs,
At the same time take the paper, but,
Inside the time of lubrication, ants welcome ants.
Tang love mourning! Calculate mourning! ”

Then tell the other officer:

- I don't need to go to the court. Quan kept going the way I said it was definitely a match!

The official was extremely happy, immediately rode back to the bow to let the king know. When the king and all courtiers heard about this, everyone seemed to open the flag in their stomachs. As expected, the ants had threaded the piece of thread through the guts of the screw to the king in the admiration of the neighboring envoy.

After that incident, the king immediately enlisted the other smart baby into a poinsettia. For those who built a mansion right next to the palace, welcome the baby and his father to come and stay to help him ask questions.

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