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Once upon a time in the 18th Hung King, the King had a daughter who was of age, the princess had a beautiful and beautiful face, and had a smooth white skin, her figure was also high. . The name of this princess is Mỵ Nương. When you see your daughter has reached the age to marry her husband, the King immediately gives the propaganda to search for human beings throughout the human world to pick up a person who has enough code to have enough merit.

Hearing the news that Hung King gave news to his daughters everywhere, the king of Western Europe brought a lot of gold and jewels such as golden areca and silver to ask to marry My Nuong. Seeing that, King Hung immediately sent millions of his lạc servants to the palace to consult. These lạc marquises said that:

- The king of Western Europe is a very violent man, his age is quite high, but the shape is also very strange, how can we match our princess.

Hearing the advice of the Lac Hau, King Hung rejected the proposal of the King of Western Europe. It was also from that day that the relationship between Van Lang and Western Europe deteriorated, creating a difficult problem to remove.

For a while, there were two boys who came to ask for the wedding of princess My Nuong. These two boys are extremely excellent and handsome. One is Son Tinh (the same is Tan Vien mountain god, also known as Thanh Tan), the other is Thuy Tinh (The Water God, or the Sea God).

King Hung immediately transmitted both boys to the court to donate, if anyone had more talent, the King would accept to marry his daughter, the princess My Nuong for that person.

The Son Tinh fined before, he had the right to point his hands anywhere, and the place grew up again with majestic mountains, crowded with birds. But the Glass guy has the right to wave his hand, the water will be rushing but rising up very high, there are also the flow and three three rows of pulls that rise to the surface.

Both boys are extremely talented, can be called equal, so King Hung did not know who to choose. So in order to decide to win and lose, the King has to take another challenge, whoever wins will become the code. The king said:

- Both of you are very talented, have good balance with each other, so we cannot choose either. Now it will be like this, tomorrow if one of you, the one who can bring the sacrifice, consists of one hundred glutinous rice planks, one hundred crackers, ivory elephants, ripe chicken, ripe pink horses Mao, each must have a couple coming here sooner then the person will be married to my daughter.

Although saying that it is impossible to choose anyone but all the offerings that the Hung King asks the two to prepare are all products on land. That could indicate that King Hung had also secretly agreed to marry My Nuong for Son Tinh.

The next day, when the sky outside was just bright, Son Tinh brought all kinds of offerings according to the request of Hung King to the king's palace to ask to marry My Nuong. Because these offerings with a mountain god like him were extremely easy to prepare. Vu Hung was extremely pleased with Son Tinh's expression and was willing to allow Son Tinh to marry his daughter My Nuong.

As for Thuy Tinh, because it was difficult to find such wedding gifts, coming a little late, he was extremely panicked when he learned that Mrs. My Nuong went with her husband Son Tinh. Therefore, Thuy Tinh immediately chased after her, bringing her whole army to fight Son Tinh, but she had to rob My Nuong for a good reason.

Thuy Tinh then rained the rain and called the wind to shake the sky and earth, causing the sea water to rise to fight Son Tinh. When the water rises, the rice is flooded and the field is flooded. After that, the house is flooded. And every time the storm became more and more intense, the water became more and more high, the water monsters kept on multiplying many times, they roared loudly to follow all orders of Thuy Tinh.

All residents of Van Lang state at that time worked together and offered their hands to help Son Tinh. Moreover, the sacred bronze drum god also comes back to urge, cheer for people to go to battle to destroy the violent monsters, and at the same time against intense floods. Those who are healthy go to dig soil to build dikes. That is why the dikes used to fight the current flood of Vietnamese people. The dike sections were raised higher, stronger, and separated and stopped all the terrible devastations of the flood.

Faced with this situation, Son Tinh did not have any hesitation, he used his magic to pick up the hills, then moved to the mountains to form a solid wall to prevent the flood of competitor. How much the floodwaters of the Glass rise, the mountains of Son Tinh grow high. Son Tinh's army carried large and small stones thrown into the water of Thuy Tinh's army in the water, causing them to die countless. Fish corpses, glutinous stream, the body of the tortoise is full of water.

Glass keeps raising water up a bit, Son Tinh raises the mountain, elevates the rock and soil to one. When Thuy Tinh raised water again in two waves, Sơn Tinh continued to erect his mountain two. In the third wave, Thuy Tinh rushed to the water, Son Tinh quickly raised his mountain up to three. Because of this battle, the old Tan Vien mountain was also called Ba Vi.

Both sides fought for several months. But after all, because he was exhausted, Thuy Tinh had to withdraw his troops. Since that day, Sơn Tinh and Mỵ Nương were also happily living together.

However, the resentment of Son Tinh and Thuy Tinh is getting worse and worse, hatred is getting deeper and deeper. Each year in July according to the lunar calendar, the Glass thinks of the resentment in the past, immediately brings the water to fight with Son Tinh. However, each time, Thuy Tinh received defeat and had to pull the troops back.

The legend of Son Tinh - Thuy Tinh is extremely famous, and is one of the ancient Vietnamese explanations of flooding and its ways to combat floods.

The story of Sơn Tinh Thủy also appears in the grade 2 textbook.
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