Fairy tales of gluttony
In the past, in the kingdom of Thailand, there was a very large and beautiful temple, the head of this temple was a young monk who was famous for greed and selfishness.

It is unknown who brought him to this temple despite virtue he did not have it. In this temple yard there is a very wrong apple tree, the fruit is as big as an adult's fist and the fruit is very sweet. In the fruit season, the nine monks only allowed one to pick apples because he only thought of himself. Even other monks in the temple cannot touch.

In the area, two farmers who heard this monk's greed immediately tried to trick him into teaching him a lesson. One of the two immediately went to the temple to look at the greedy monk's eyes and asked for some apples. The monk said:

- No, these apples are only for me. No one can pick.

The farmer insisted, but the monk decided not to give it. Finally, the farmer said:

- You don't understand what I mean. I invited him to come this afternoon to my house to eat deer meat. I asked for some apples to bake with deer meat.

- Why don't you say it from the beginning? - The monk exclaimed, looking around to see if anyone saw it and then continued. It looks like the monk's face is now radiant, no longer frowning like the first time.

Seeing the winner, the farmer smiled wryly. Then the monk led the farmer to the apple tree and picked up a full bag with him. Just picking apples, the monk asked about the upcoming deer meal with the face of someone about to be beaten. The farmer always praised his grilled deer meat.

After picking up apples, farmers decided to meet and make an appointment to meet again.

He came back for a while when another farmer came to ask for apples and was rejected by the monk as a farmer earlier. The monk thought, "What the hell are I going to give him, for the other guy to be invited to eat the deer, but for this guy, will I lose it, will I have no benefit?" Thinking that the monk shook his head, he couldn't give it.

Knowing his eraser, the farmer said:

- I went to invite him to eat chicken, by the way, he asked a little apple stew with chicken for good. This party is only for you and me, don't be shy.

After listening to the monk's joy, he decided to have a cup of deer meat and chicken meat today. But he did not know to fall into the trap of the other two. Seeing the monk silent, the other said:

- How do you feel? Or does he not like to eat my chicken?

The monk hurriedly replied:

- No, no, I'm glad to accept your friend's invitation. But where is your friend's house?

The farmer replied:

- Only at the end of this neighborhood.

Although his mouth asked so happily, in the monk's mind he imagined a fat, round chicken placed on the plate that was still fuming. And of course he was invited by the monk to come to the yard and give the apple tree a fruit that was famous for his "inviolability". After picking a bag of apples, the farmer greeted the monk to leave under the surprised eyes of the monks in the temple. Since then, they have never seen their monks give so many apples.

In the afternoon, two peasants came to the temple to invite the monks to eat the party. They met the monk and as discussed earlier, one of the farmers said:

- Now your monk came to my house first, my house is right here.

The second objected:

- Can not! Come to my house first because the whole family is waiting.

Nobody gave anyone the chance to argue and make the monk speak:

- Come on, okay, I'll go with both of you.

The two farmers winked at each other, they took the monk around and around, and was tired for a while, the monk said:

- Has it arrived yet, why is it forever?

Two farmers responded in unison:

- Soon, he tried, there is only one paragraph left.

The two peasants responded peacefully to the monk. Until now, the monk did not know if he was fooled by the other two men.

In the afternoon they came to the village, took another walk to the fork, one of the two hands held the monk's hand on the road to the left and said:

- I came to my house, please come over to my house first, finish the cup and go to his house.

The other person did not bear to run and said:

- No, I invite you to come over to my house first.

So they argued. And the monk did not know who to follow first so he only knew to be silent.

Boring each other, he grabbed a monk's hand and pulled it toward him. As they pulled, they cursed at each other until the monk could not bear to say:

- Leave me alone! I didn't go to anyone's house, let go of me!

By this time two new people let go of the monk. Now he was so tired, he could not eat anything, and he had to listen to the curses all the time of the two farmers.

The monk did not say anything, leaving a circuit with a tired face mixed with disappointment due to the lack of good meals, and he did not know that he was playing a lot of pain. Waiting for the monk to leave, the two peasants looked at each other with a smile. As for monks, he not only lost some considerable apples but also could not eat anything. It is true greed!
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