Little Red Riding Hood

Read fairy tales the Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf
Once upon a time, there was a story that a little girl used to wear a red scarf, so people started calling her by the name of a red scarf. One day, the red-haired little girl's mother told her to bring her mother's bread to bake for her grandmother. Before she left the house, her mother told her very carefully that:

- There are lots of wolves in the way around the forest, so go straight to your grandmother's house to avoid being eaten by those wolves!

The girl obediently obeyed her mother, then brought her basket of cakes to her grandmother's home. When walking on the road, she saw the road around the forest there are many fragrant flowers and strange grass, there are many unknown butterflies with colorful and very beautiful wings.

When she saw beautiful flowers and beautiful butterflies, she could not remember the instructions before leaving her mother's house. So she immediately bursts into the beautiful forest path. After walking for a while, she caught a friend Soc, and Soc stopped and reminded her:

- Little red-haired little girl, just a moment ago her mother had told her to go in a straight line, not to take a detour through the forest to be eaten by the wolf. So why are you here now? She should listen to the words of her mother.

But the red-robed little girl didn't care about the sincere reminder of Soc, she didn't want to listen, so she didn't answer Soc. She decided she would not listen to the words her mother told her, and she did not hear the reminder of Soc, she continued to walk on the road through the forest.

Then she started to walk on the road again while picking flowers and catching extremely happy butterflies. When she reached the middle of the forest, she accidentally caught a wolf. The wolf looked very big, he immediately approached, stood right in front of her and lifted his rumbling voice and asked:

- This red-haired little girl, where did you go and go?

Seeing the wolf in front of her, she was terrified, but she tried to be bold and answer the wolf's question:

- I'm going to my grandmother's house now, to give my grandmother my basket of freshly baked bread.

When she heard her answer that she was on her way to her grandmother's house to give a cake, she thought silently in her stomach: "Ah, so it turns out that this girl also has her grandmother, so I have to figure out how to do that." eating meat is both worthwhile. Thinking so, she immediately asked her:

- Hey, where's your grandmother's house? Is it far from this place?

The red-haired little girl without a doubt answered immediately:

- Grandma's house is on the other side of this forest. It is the house with a very high chimney, so go there and just push the door lightly and get in immediately.

After hearing that, the wolf did not rush to eat her flesh anymore, but he immediately ran straight to the grandmother's house that she mentioned. Because it was easy to enter the old lady's house so she gently pushed the door open, then grabbed her and swallowed it. When he had swallowed the grandmother of the red-robed little girl in her stomach, she climbed onto the bed, and covered her with a tight blanket to fake her grandmother who was still ill.

Because when she was in the forest of wolves, she did not eat meat right away, so after a while of picking flowers and catching butterflies, she also reached her grandmother's house. When she entered the house, the little girl saw the wolf lying on the bed, still covered with a blanket, but she thought that her grandmother was ill, so she asked her:

- My dear lady! Has she been sick so long?

The wolf did not open his mouth to answer her question, he still tried to crawl in the blanket and pretended to groan.

- My dear, my mother baked a new cake and told me to bring it to you!

- Is that so? She is very happy, thank you both. Good, come here with me at all.

Hearing her call, the red-haired little girl immediately ran to the side of her bed lying down, but found it a little strange, so she asked:

- I love you, why do you see her ears so long today?

The wolf also answered her:

- Her ear is so long that she can hear you speak more clearly!

- My dear, why are your eyes so big and black today?

- Your eyes are big so you can look at your incredibly beautiful niece!

But she still felt that her grandmother today had too many strange points, so she asked her again:

- My dear, so why is your mouth so big today?

- Her mouth is big so that she can eat her meat better.

Saying that, the wolf jumped up and snatched the red-haired little girl ready to swallow. Luckily, at that time, there was a hunter who was passing by this place, still holding a sharp hammer in his hand, so he hit right in the middle of the wolf's head with a strong blow. Because of the critical hit, the wolf instantly died.

Knowing that the wolf had just eaten the maternal grandmother, the hunter took a sharp knife in the kitchen and pecked out the wolf's abdomen, just in time to save her grandmother's life. Fortunately, the two grandchildren of the Red Riding Hood have escaped this accident. And from that day on, the red-robed little girl never dared to disobey the words her mother told her.

The story of the original red scarf girl here is over!
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