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The story from a long time ago said that there are couples together to the family of a wealthy rich man to be a resident. Although both of them live very well, they are also in their 50s, but they don't have a child.

One day, it was very hot in the sun that day, but the wife still had to go to the forest to find firewood to serve the rich man. After a hard time searching for firewood, it was too sunny, so she was very thirsty, but looking for it, there was no river or stream at all. Finally, she could not bear it anymore, so she risked taking the water from the coconut skull just under the tree and drank it.

And a strange thing happened, when she drank the water in the coconut skull, she felt her body refreshing, her gut was cool. From that day on, she discovered she was pregnant, however, her husband died soon after.

She was nine months and ten days pregnant and gave birth to a round, hairy lump of meat, the appearance of which resembled a skull, but had full nose, mouth, and ears but did not have legs.

Her husband is dead, now she is born with such a monster that makes her extremely upset, so depressed so she intends to take it to bury her alive. But suddenly the meat was called out:

- Mommy! Anyway, I'm still the person you are. Don't bring me away, but I will sin for you!

The mother heard it so excited, hurriedly embraced the meat in her heart, cradling it and feeding her. After that, she named her child Skull Dua.

When he gave birth to a monster that spread to the ears of the rich man, he forced her to take it to bury her alive. Of course, she would follow. Because of that, the rich man ordered her to go to a tattered cottage in the corner of the garden and live there. However, he still made her work every day for his family

Every day, when she got home from work, she brought a handful of rice to the Coc Dua. Day by day, Skull Dua kept growing very fast, and more wise and knowledgeable. Neighboring neighbors are gradually familiar with and love the Skull Dua.

Every day, waiting for her mother to leave the tent to the house of the rich man to work, Skull Dua at home immediately turned into a very cute boy, he cleaned the neat door, cleaned everything, when the work was done He turned back into the same coconut skull. At first, the mother felt extremely strange, then she tried to follow it but didn't find anything unusual, so it was fine.

One day, the mother was very sad and told the Skull Coconut to be:

- People 's houses, children are 7-8 years old, they know how to go and raise cows and buffaloes, but their mother does not expect anything! The rich man had a herd of goats looking for a shepherd, but his mother could not find anyone.

When I heard her say that, Skull Coc Coc immediately said:

- Mommy! What idea but the baby goat can also do. Please tell the rich man to let me go to the blanket!

Because I saw my son insisting that he could goat well, the mother also boldly came to the rich family to talk. At first, the rich man was also afraid, but later, he reluctantly agreed to let Skull Dua try to take a few meals to see how, if he did well, he would hire.

When he saw the rich man, he agreed to give Skull Dua a try, the mother was very happy. As a result, Skull Dua did very well in this shepherd work, the goats of the rich family were supported by the Coconut Shell, and the children were full and full of fat. Seeing that, the rich man became very rich, the goat herd grew more and more, but the little Coc Coc ate ​​very little, only two small bowls of rice were eaten every day.

Everyday, the Skull Dua drove the goats to the mountains far away from the village to blanket, and the rich man assigned his three daughters to take turns to bring the rice to Skull Dua. The two sisters always find a way to get away from Skull Dua, when they bring rice, they will always stay at the nearby tree and then call, then let the Coc Coc roll on their own. And the youngest daughter is different, every time she brings rice, she brings it to the Coc Coc.

One day, it was the youngest girl's turn to bring the rice to the Skull Dua, when it was near the place where Coc Dua released the goat, she suddenly heard a fluttering sound. in my heart. The youngest girl searched forever but did not see where Coc Dua was, but only saw a very handsome and handsome boy there, the young man was only about seventeen, lying in a hammock and engrossing in playing flute.

When he saw the movement, the boy immediately turned back into Skull Dua and rolled the feathers there. From that day on, the youngest girl knew that Skull Dua was not naked, and also fell in love with Skull Dua, and when she had good food, she would hide a lot for the Coc Coc.

And then one day, Skull Dua suddenly asked his mother to go to the rich man's house to ask one of his rich daughters to be his wife. The mother, who was drinking water, heard this and laughed and said:

- My son, the rich man's daughter is very beautiful, how can people agree to marry you, the village boy comes and asks the rich man.

No matter how much the mother said, Skull Dua still insisted. After all, because of her love, she also had to find the room and risked her life to go to the rich family to ask.

When he finished speaking, Phu said with a sneer and said:

- If your house could fully purchase the requested offerings, then I would have agreed to marry one of my three daughters for her son. The offering must have a golden nuggets, ten peach silk plates, ten fat pigs and ten barrels of wine. Moreover, she had to have a five-story tile house for my daughter to live in, but I would let my daughter stay in that tattered cottage.

When he made those requests, the rich man also counted them all, he must say such challenges, so that the Skull Dua family who had worked as a laborer would not have enough. The mother came back to her house and told her son:

- My son, the rich man asked for a wedding dress very high, how could my family get enough money? Well, please quit the idea of ​​marrying his daughter.

When listening to all the gifts that the rich man asked, the Skull Dua immediately said:

- Please rest assured, I will find a way to take care of all these offerings.

As expected, the next morning, Skull Dua had finished preparing all the offerings of the day before. When the mother woke up, she thought she was dreaming. Because the tattered cottage suddenly disappeared, there was now a spacious five-story tile house. She is now also lying on a large bed with a flower blanket and a full brocade mattress. Outside the yard, there were dozens of servants who were dressed in colorful clothes standing in solitude ready to bring the mother and daughter of Coc Coc to the rich family to ask for a wedding.

He did not have any way to refuse, however, in his stomach, he still thought that even if he had all the offerings, his daughters would not have accepted a guy who was pregnant. Out of the way, the one who is not looking at it is out of place. He called out all three of his daughters and asked:

- Now, my eldest daughter, do you agree to marry Skull Dua, her son as a wife?

The eldest daughter immediately pouted and then turned around and went straight to the room, without even saying anything. Phu again asked to his second child:

- Now it is my turn, my daughter, I agree to marry Skull Coc as my wife?

The second daughter of the rich man was no different from his eldest sister, she scornfully smiled and said:

- Father, my daughter is crazy, but she took that guy as a husband.

And the youngest daughter, the rich man, also asked her:

- Now I am alone, so do you agree?

In addition to everyone's guess, the youngest daughter was very light and answered:

- Father, daughter agrees!

Phu was very surprised, listening to his youngest daughter say that, his mouth also opened wide. However, he could not change his mind because the Coconut Skull had brought enough offerings, his daughter had already agreed.

That afternoon, Skull Dua came and picked up the bride. The wedding ceremony was very organized, the people in the village were invited to come, from the house to the alley, there were voices of joyful laughs.

When it was dark, the upper and lower houses were all lit with big candles, but people could not see where the Coc Coc was. Suddenly, from the room, a handsome young man came out, his face bright, hands clutching the bride's hand, he said:

- Dear ladies and gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen, the brothers and sisters of the two families, I am the Coc Coc here. My wife and I also thank the hearts of everyone for coming to have fun with us today.

The mother was so moved, embracing her daughter-in-law, in her heart so happy that she did not speak words. Everyone in the wedding was happy to congratulate, celebrate Coc Coc into a person, celebrate the youngest of the rich man to marry him well. However, the two sisters were extremely angry and envious.

After marrying, Skull Dua is extremely hard at reading books to sharpen his history, when he takes the exam, he can pass the Poinsettia.

Not long after that, the mother was too old and weak, so she passed away, the Skull Dua left the capital to go home to mourn her mother. But it was not long before it was received only the king sent him to porcelain.

Before leaving the house, he took a knife and a stone of fire, added two chicken eggs to his wife, and told him very carefully to always bring with him the body, then maybe have to use it.

The two older sisters, who had harbored envy, were jealous from the past because they found the youngest sister to get a handsome, good-looking husband and had the authority. Now, seeing that the situation has to go far away, she intends to plan to harm her to steal her husband.

One day, the two sisters suddenly came and asked the youngest girl to go out to the sea, wait for the boat to go away, and the two of them concealed the oars and pushed the boat away from the youngest sister to make the boat. sunken boat

At the same time, there is a large goby swimming across it and swallowing the whole boat into its stomach. The youngest girl remembered the things her husband gave her, immediately took out the knife and stabbed the grouper's stomach repeatedly, the fish was painfully struggling for a long time, then died on the surface of the water.

After that, the body of the fish floated to the shore of a deserted island at sea, the youngest girl gouged out the fish belly to get out. With a knife on her body, she cut the fish into pieces, one part was dried, one part brought salt to eat. Because of the ignition of the stone, the youngest girl had fire to heat, and there was fire to cook the food. Two chicken eggs were enough enough for a month to wrap up a rooster and a hen.

And the days went by, the youngest girl kept living alone on the deserted island, the hen gave birth to countless eggs, so the flock of chickens grew more and more. One afternoon, the youngest girl suddenly heard the sound of her cock crowing:

- O ... umm ... o ... o ... have to take the boat to pick up my sister!

The youngest girl rushed to the coast and saw a huge boat coming toward her. She was very happy because she knew she was about to return to the mainland. The big boat gets closer every time, when looking at the boat's roof, the youngest girl who can immediately recognize the person standing there is her husband, Skull Coconut. When meeting each other, the couple happily hugged each other, happy to say no words.

Skull Coconut immediately took his wife to the boat and sailed back home. When he heard his wife recount the whole story the day before, he was extremely indignant. When returning home, Skull Dua immediately hid his wife in the room so that no one would know, then sent the person to celebrate the celebration of the family, inviting relatives and neighbors near and far to come back and celebrate.

When the two sisters saw that their sister's husband returned and celebrated the party, hurriedly chose beautiful clothes, beautiful makeup to eat the party, the desire could attract his attention. As soon as they sat down on the tray, the two immediately told each other how their youngest sister drowned, and how hard they tried but couldn't help.

Skull Dua did not say that, still just laughing and laughing, they were doing the game, waiting for the party at the time of the fun, Skull Dua immediately got up and asked for permission to go inside the room to lead his friend to greet everyone present at the party today.

From inside the inner chamber, the youngest girl followed her husband to step out in front of everyone's surprised surprise. The two sisters saw their younger sister, their limbs were limp, and when everyone was happy to congratulate the youngest girl who came back, both hurriedly sneaked out and escaped from the village since.
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