She trained singing with a poor pupil

Once upon a time, there was a clever child named Nguyen Ky, whose mother died early, and married another wife. I was cruelly abused by my stepmother, so I had to leave home.

Wandering around, Ky met with a dispatcher to stay at home and study for words. Being smart, Ky not only keeps up with you, but is also famous for his poetry.

One day Ky followed his classmate to watch the dance, found himself poor, stood in the corner of the house, suddenly she sang and saw it, and the next day, when Ky was reading, she dug up 10 silver compresses to get acquainted. I definitely did not take it, but she insisted, let it go and leave. For a while, she returned, then returned. The two sides gradually get to know each other. One day, no longer able to be self-sufficient in front of a beautiful daughter, a solemn voice, Ky made a gesture of regret, and regretted immediately. But the dignified lady blamed:

"Do not rush to mistakenly think, I came to you because of the serious person, thinking of the future, wanting to find a long-term refuge, I don't think you are a dirty ward."

From then on, Ky respected her more and more, and she still helped Ky through her need.

Before going on to the exam, I wanted to know if she had trained and wanted to contact her later, but she only said:

“If you don't forget me later, I will come to you, if you forget me, then asking me to do it is useless. My part, I don't ask you to promise anything, only God knows my heart. "

When the examination passed back to his hometown, his father started marrying the "tutor". I strongly refused, determined to die more than the silver lady who once loved and helped, but his father also refused to allow officials to marry her aunt, not accepting her daughter-in-law. Nguyen Ky was suffering, but the school was compulsory, his duty was compulsory, so he had to marry his wife.

The following year, he went to the imperial capital for a doctorate, and she trained to bring everything to visit. Seeing that Ky looked embarrassed, she understood immediately, and gave up.

Nguyen Ky passed the exam, worked as a mandarin, went to the Chinese side, and rebelled in Hai Duong, and was rewarded with a "public district" by the king.

High fame, available money, big children, but I always remember the old love of singing, for the people to ask everywhere, but did not meet.

One day, at a party at a friend's house, Ky happened to meet her again, then she had a husband to be a soldier, but now her husband is dead, only with an elderly mother, she must return to singing. to feed me and raise my mother.

Nguyen Ky tried to invite them to stay in the palace, she accepted. I am dedicated to my mother and my own house, and do not allow anything to be missing. A year after the old woman died, Nguyen Ky buried her body. Then she thanked her and asked for permission to say goodbye. Nguyen did not keep it, pleading with her to take some silver, she also refused to leave.
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