Sleeping Beauty

Fairy tales princess sleeping in the original forest version
The old story tells that once upon a time, there was a king and a queen every day praying that "I wish we had a child!". But even if I wish, the king and the queen still won't get any acne.

One day when the queen was bathing, suddenly jumping from the water on the bank of a frog, she told her:

- Your wish for a long time will be honest. By the end of this year, she will give birth to a daughter.

And that frog prophecy is true. The queen gave birth to a very beautiful daughter. The king was extremely happy, so the festival was very big to celebrate his daughter's birth. The king invited all relatives, relatives, close friends, acquaintances with the midwives so that they could conscientiously care for their beautiful daughter.

The country at that time was all 13 midwives. However, the king prepared to have twelve gold plates, so a midwife was not invited by the king.

The Association is extremely soulful. When the party was almost over, it was time for the midwives to come and chant the little princess. The first midwife wished the princess a virtue. The second midwife wished her great beauty. The third midwife wishes her wealth and riches ... The midwives continue to wish the princess all the best things in this world.

When the eleventh midwife finished her blessing, the thirteenth midwife suddenly came. She wanted to take revenge because she was not invited to the celebration by the king. She kept tattooing and went to the cradle that the princess was lying on, and she did not even look at others taking one or opening her mouth to greet anyone. Near the princess, she shouted:

- When the fifteen-year-old princess will be afraid to stab and roll away from the reels of the reels.

After cursing, she didn't say anything else but immediately turned to leave. Everyone in the room at that time was terrified, no one could react to this extremely bad situation. Twelfth midwife quickly came out. Although she did not chant the mantra to bless the princess, but even if she did say it, it would not be possible to resolve the cruel mantra, her blessing could only mitigate the consequences of it's just So she said quietly:

- Our princess will not die, she will just fall asleep, a hundred-year-long sleep.

From that day on, because the king did not want the curse to harm his daughter, he forbade the people in the whole country from spinning. At the same time, all blessings from the midwives for the princess are realized. Our princess is extremely beautiful, she is virtuous and humble, she is also very intelligent, everyone who meets her feels loved her.

Those good days soon ended, in our five princesses who were just ten years old, what happened. That day, the king and his queen were all gone, and the princess had to stay at the castle alone. Too bored, she wandered herself around the palace, and she went into all the rooms and chambers to consider.

Finally, she went to a long and old staircase. Because she was too curious, she climbed up, the spiral-shaped staircase, which led her to a rather small door. The princess stopped her legs in front of the door, watching the lock still plug a rusted key. As if something urged, she reached for the key and "cut", she turned the key and then the door was opened. Behind the door, inside that room, there was an old lady sitting attentively spinning. It was strange, so she asked her:

- I salute you! What are you doing here?

Hearing her voice, the old woman did not stop her hand, only nodded slightly to tell her:

- I'm sitting and scared!

- Oh. So, what is the quick jump like cutting?

The unbearable princess immediately brought her hand, but she just touched the distance from the thread, which was when the midwife's thirteenth curse before the spirit. Our princess was stabbed straight into the arm by the spinning reel. Immediately she fell into the bed next to him and fell asleep.

Not only that, at the moment our princess falls asleep, all palaces fall into a constant sleep. When the king and his queen returned, they had just set foot in the electricity and were going to sleep on their throne. All courtiers in the palace were also asleep.

The horses were in the stable, the dogs were on the yard, the pigeons were parked on the roof, even the flies sitting on the wall fell asleep. Even the flaming fire in the kitchen stood still. The pieces of roasted roasted meat also stopped sizzling. The chef looked at his kitchen man, who was ignorant, who intended to pull his hair and let go of his hand to sleep. The wind immediately stopped blowing. The trees in front of the castle did not drop any more leaves.

Around the palace, the day-to-day rose bushes grew more and more dense, they brought the magnificent, magnificent castle covered, unable to see anything inside, nor was the flag above the roof see where.

In the domain at that time, the story spread of the beautiful rose and constant sleep. Everyone called her Princess Hong Hoa. Occasionally there will be a few prince who hear the legend and find a place where the rose bushes find a way to get inside to reach the castle. However, the thorny rose bushes are like solid arms that hold them all, rose bushes never let anyone pass through, all trapped.

And so on and on may gradually pass by. One day, there was a prince who went to this country. There was an old man who told him that after the bushy rose bushes was a castle, that place was where the Hong Hoa princess had been sleeping for hundreds of years. The king, queen and all the imperial dynasty all fell asleep.

The old man also told the prince to hear about what his ancestors left, which is the story of the prince who tried to get inside that castle and was kept by the thorny bushes. When he heard the whole story, the prince immediately said:

- I am not afraid, and I want to get there so I can meet the beautiful princess Hong Hoa in legend.

Of course, the old man had found all the ways and the best to prevent this prince's intention, but he definitely didn't listen. However, no one knew that the princess's hundred-year limit was over, and it was time for our Hong Hoa princess to wake up.

When the prince approached the rose bushes, he saw a lot of big roses blooming like saying a greeting to him. They stretched in a way that allowed him to go away to prevent him from being scratched. Where he walked, the rose bushes closed up there. When he reached the courtyard of the castle, the prince saw the herds of horses and the calming dogs sleeping. On the roof, the flock of pigeons are quietly snuggling in the wings.

The Prince walked into the palace when he saw the flies sitting quietly on the cold walls, the chef was sleeping in the posture of raising his hand as if to grab the head of the kitchen assistant. The maid was asleep again while she was working on the black chicken's fur on the well.

The Prince again entered the main palace, and he saw all the courtiers sleeping. The king and the queen sitting on the throne are also deep in sleep. All scenes are silent like sheets. He could hear his own breath.

The Prince continued to walk away, he went to the front of a room, where it was the room where the Princess Hong Hoa was sleeping. When he pushed the door inside, he caught the eye of the magnificent beautiful princess lying on the bed. He approached and watched, his eyes unable to leave the other place, then he bent down gently, placing a kiss on the princess's lips.

The lips of two people who just touched each other, Princess Hong Hoa suddenly awoke. Her eyes widened and looked at him affectionately. Then the two of them held hands and left the room and went downstairs.

The king and the queen were all awake, and all the courtiers in the court woke up. The horses on the yard stood up and fluttered. The hounds are just jumping and dancing, and their tails are happy. Roof-top pigeons also reached their necks, looked around for a bit, and flapped their wings towards the far field. The flies are parked on the wall and continue to crawl.

The fire in the kitchen immediately ignited, and again, boiled over to cook food. The flesh that is turning around continues to make sizzling sounds. And the cook, then whisked his chef's ear with a pain that made him scream. The kitchen maid continued to make the black chicken feathers in her hands.

And then the wedding of the brave prince and the beautiful Hong Hoa princess took place very infinitely. From that day, the couple lived happily together for life.

Little fairy talech the story of the princess sleeping in the forest or the sleeping beauty in the forest is from the Brothers Grimm.
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