The fairy tale of Tam Cam

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Once upon a time, there was two sisters and fathers in the same house but different from the mother, the elder sister named Tam and her brother's name was Cam. The two of them were nearly the same age. But Plate is the wife of the first wife, and Cam is only the wife of the concubine. The Mother of the Plate died from the time the Plate was tiny. A few years after the death of his first wife, Father's father died. So he had to stay with his stepmother, who was also Cam's mother.

This stepmother is an extremely bitter person. She catches the plate. Every day, she has to work hard and keep her watch. The plate has to be fed by buffaloes, then she has to carry the water, then she chops and picks the duck. At night, they have to grind rice and pound rice, work with their hands and feet and still not run out of work.

Besides, Thank you for being extremely hard-working by your mother, not only eating white and wearing plain clothes, but all day you have to go around the house and never touch any heavy work.

One day, the stepmother took two baskets and handed them to Tam and Cam sisters and sent them to the fields to catch some shrimps. She promised that:

- Everybody who catches a basket of shrimp shrimps will be rewarded with a red bib!

By the time I went to the field, because Plate was used to catching crabs, only one basket of shrimps and shrimps were caught in one session, and also fish. But Cam used to eat and play, went to the field and kept puncturing, just walking from one field to another, until the afternoon, he still could not catch any shrimp. Seeing that the basket of the Plate was full, Cam immediately told her sister:

- Sister, Sister Plate! Her head was stained, she swung deeply, lest she yelled at her.

The message from Cam said that it was really good to hurry down to the pond, go to the depths to bathe through mud and mud on the body. Thank you for taking the basket of broken shrimp from your basket to your basket, then go home first. When the plate was washed, stepped onto the shore, the basket of shrimps and shrimps had disappeared earlier, leaving only a basket without being left alone in that place. Too heartbroken, The plate sat there holding his face and crying. At that time, Buddha was sitting on the lotus post, accidentally heard the angry cry of the Plate, so it appeared. Buddha asked:

- Why are you crying?

Seeing Buddha ask questions, The Plate also became a real success and told everything to the Buddha. After that, he said:

- Well, now, stop it! Try looking at my basket and see what's inside?

Listening to the word, Plate picked up his basket and peeked inside and told Bụt:

- There's a goby fish inside!

- Now take the goby home and drop it under the well. At each meal, if you eat three bowls, then if you only eat two, then the remaining bowls, bring them to the well and let them eat. Every time I feed her, I have to call this:
Bong, bang bang
Up to eat gold rice, my rice,
Do not eat rice with porridge and flowers
If you can't call the right words, then you won't come up, remember it!

Saying the instant Buddha disappeared. Following the advice of the Buddha, he took the goby home and dropped it under the well. From that day onwards, after every meal, he would save a bowl of rice and hide it to bring it to the goby. Every time I heard the words from me, I would swim up to the surface of the water and then bite the rice that the plate dropped, then I would dive down to the bottom of the well. People and peoples are getting used to each other more and more, the gong is getting bigger and bigger than before.

However, each day, they hid the rice and brought it out of the well after every meal, and the auntie was also suspicious, so she told her daughter Cam to follow after her. I listened to the words of my mother watching me, hiding in the bushes right next to the wells, so Cam could hear clearly the sound of the plate called goby. Cam tried to mentally recite it, then went back and told everything to his mother. That night, the aunt told her that the next morning she had to get up early and go to the buffalo, she told her:

- My son! Our village has begun a ban on copper. Tomorrow I take the buffalo to the blanket, I have to go to the farther to go to the blanket, but do not have a blanket in my family, lest the village catch the buffalo.

The plate also obeyed the stepmother aunt, the next morning. But at home, the mother and daughter of Cam took the rice bowl out of the well, then caught the way to call the plate to eat rice. When he heard the call, he immediately jumped up on the water. On the side of the well, Cam's mother and son were ready to come and see the peanuts rise up and take them to eat and eat together.

In the afternoon, when the plate returned, after the meal, he followed the custom to bring rice to the well to feed him. But the plate was there and called forever, but there was no impulse. The plate kept calling and calling forever, after all, only a red blood emerged. Seeing that, the plate immediately knew that he had encountered an unhappiness and burst into tears. Listening to the sound of Plate crying, Buddha appeared and asked:

- Why are you crying?

Then the plate brought everything to the head of the Buddha, so he said:

- My son has been eaten by people. Well, stop crying now. Then go back home and pick up his bones, go get four jars to remove the bones, and then bury the jars down at the foot of your bed.

Hearing the advice of the Buddha, he returned to his house to find the bones of the gobies. However, no matter how I find it, I can't find it, the plate finds from the garden corners to the corners of the yard and still doesn't see. There was a chicken in the yard, seeing the plate, it said:

- My Department is clumsy! Let me hold the paddy, I dig up the bones!

Listening to the chickens, she quickly picked up a handful of paddy and threw it to the chicken. When the surgery was finished, the chicken ran right into the kitchen and then digged for a while, then found the bone of the goby. The plate took the bones and picked them up and put them all in four jars, burying them at the four legs of the bed just like the Buddha's instructions.

Not long after that, the king gave the festival several days and nights. All young and old men and women from all villages race to see the festival. Everywhere on the roads, seven clothes and three pieces of clothes were seen everywhere, pulling together and rushing to the place of the city to see the congregation, like the flowing water.

Of course, the Cam and the mother also went to shop for beautiful clothes to go out to celebrate. When I saw that the Plate seemed to want to go, the stepmother aunted me very long. Then she went to get a paddy match and mixed it with a rice fight and told the plate:

- I stay at home to pick up all this rice, then go where I want to go, but don't leave it and leave it, my aunt came back without rice to cook, she beat me.

After saying that, the mother and daughter immediately rolled up the clothes to go to the festival. And Plate had to stay at home to pick up rice and paddy, and at the same time, he could only get nine pinch, because he thought he would never finish it, so sad, so he sat and cried. At that moment, the Buddha appeared and asked:

- Why are you crying?

The plate pointed at the basket and said:

- Aunt forced me to take rice and rice separately, then I could go and see the association. But if the place is completely picked up, the guild has long since dissolved, and there is nothing to watch.

Retaining plate:

- Well, stop it. Now that I bring this basket to the middle of the yard, I will send the sparrow to pick up and help me.

- But if the bird spends time eating the rice from your child, when you return to your aunt, you will still beat your child.

- Then you just tell them it is:
Ripe (ie sparrow) to pick up for me,
If I lose any seeds, I will die.
If you say that, they won't eat any of your seeds.

The plate did exactly what the Buddha said, suddenly from the air, a flock of sparrows immediately swooped down together to pick up the rice one side and rip off another. The sparrow just wandered for a while and had done all the work, nor did it undermine even one grain. However, when the flock has flown away, the plate held its face and sobbed. And the Buddha shows up:

- Why are you crying?

- The clothes you are wearing look so ragged so people can't let you go inside and watch the festival.

- Now, I will dig the bone-jar jars before I buried them at the foot of the bed, so I will have enough things to go to the meeting.

Obedient to the Buddha, the plate dug all the jars buried at the foot of the bed. When digging into the first vial, the plate obtained the third set of clothes, the same silk, and also a bib, a towel. When digging into the second vial, the Plate could get more embroidered shoes, going to the feet to see just like it was printed. And digging into the third jar, the Plate saw a tiny horse, however, having set the horse outside, it suddenly suddenly echoed and turned into a real horse. When digging into the last bottle, the Plate took out a beautiful harness.

Having all the above items, the Plate was extremely happy, hurriedly rushed to take a bath and change clothes, then won the saddle on the horse and rode up the road to watch the Assembly. The horse galloped, soon after, reached the capital. However, when the horse rushed through the lane, the plate accidentally dropped a shoe under the feet into the water, but could not pick it up. Until he came to see the festival, he had to take a towel to wrap the remaining shoe in, then squeezed into the sea of ​​the other person.

At the same time, the king's far-away delegation had just arrived. But as soon as they arrived at this place, the two leading elephants suddenly plugged the ivory down into the ground and roared, and did not continue to move. The king had to send soldiers down to the water to find out if there was anything, they could find an embroidered shoe that Miss missed before. The king looked at the shoe that was not bored, thinking in his stomach:

- Well, what a lovely shoe! The owner of this shoe must be a great page!

The king immediately issued a command to invite all the girls, and the women went to see that day to come and try, and the king would marry him as his wife immediately. The festival was more and more exciting now, and the women and the girls crowded and pushed each other to the shoe test. Everyone pulls together to the stairway right in the middle of the grass, hoping to try a little luck.

However, not many people came to try on shoes. Among those who tried shoes, there were also Cam's mother and daughter. When the two of them had just stepped out of the floor, they were approaching the face of the plate. Thank you for your mother:

- Mom, looking at someone like Sister, seems to come here to try on shoes!

Hearing that, the stepmother immediately pouted:

- Children. The bell does not eat anyone, and the piece is thrown out of the bamboo bank.

However, when the plate has just set foot on the shoe, it is just like printing. Not only that, the sheet also opened the towel that always carried with her, took out the second shoe and went to the foot. The two shoes at her feet were the same. So the soldiers were happy and cheered loudly. The king immediately called the female attendants and took her back to the palace. She stepped on the palanquin in front of the vicious eyes and the surprise of the Cam's mother and daughter.

From that day on, she was happy in the palace, but she never forgot her father's death anniversary. By the day, she came to ask the king for permission to return to her house to prepare her offerings. The mother of the Cam family saw that the plate was happy and began to hate and hate in their hearts. When I saw the Plate return, that jealousy kept burning in my stomach. Mu a stepmother thought she always came up with a great plan, and told her that:

- I have been used to climbing cau ever since before, so I climbed up the tree and tore a chamber down for my father and son.

Hearing her stepmother say that, there was no doubt, obedientness, and climbed a tree to pick areca. When she was up close to the chamber, below the tree, the stepmother immediately took the sharp knife to make the tree root. When I saw the tree shaking, the new plate called down:

- What are you doing under a tree?

- I have too many ants at the root, so I am chasing them to avoid them coming up and burning them.

However, the plate had not been able to tear up the room before the areca tree had been dumped by her aunt, and she fell to the bottom of the pond and died. Seeing that she was dead, the stepmother of a stepmother brought all the beautiful clothes of the Plate on to Cam, then brought Cam into the palace and lied to the king that he accidentally dropped into the pond and drowned, so he put his sister in now. also replaced her position. The king heard them say that, but he was not happy at all but still said nothing.

Talking to the Lady, when she died, she turned into a golden bird. Immediately the bird flew to the city, and flew into the king's graceful garden. The yellow bird he saw Cam sitting washing the king's shirt at the well of water, flew again, parked on the tree branch, and heard it out:

- Drying my husband's clothes, drying up and drying, do not leave the fence and tear my husband's shirt.

At the end, the bird flew into the palace again, it was parked right next to the window and sang very good voices. Whenever the king went anywhere, the bird would fly to that place again. Because the king now does not always regret remembering the Plate, and seeing the birds keep attached to him, then say:

- Yellow gold photo you, your wife, fly into the sleeve.

After the king finished speaking, the golden bird immediately flew to park on the king's hand, then went straight into the sleeve. From then on, the king had lost all of his love of gold so much that he forgot to eat and forget to sleep. The king sent a worker to make a golden cage for the birds to live in, as well as the night when the king just circled the bird, never remembered Cam.

Seeing that, Cam hurried back home to tell his mother everything. The stepmother told him to take the bird to make meat and eat it, then she could find what she said to lie to the king. When returning to the palace, when the king was busy with his work, Cam immediately took and took the golden bird and the meat was eaten, and the feathers of the birds were thrown away in the garden. When he returned, the king found himself losing gold and asked Cam when he answered:

- I have a business card, so I crave the meat of the bird so I can steal your Majesty's spell and kill the meat.

The king heard that, Say didn't say anything. The golden bird feathers that Cam buried in the garden suddenly turned into two peach trees. When the king came to the garden to play, he saw that the branches of the two peach trees fell below and made a round shadow like two parasols. Because two peach trees are so beautiful, it is still shady, so the king sent soldiers to bring a hammock there and then lay there and cool forever. But as long as the king left, the branches of the two peach trees immediately rose up. From that day, every day, the king also went to the two peach trees, got hammock and lay cool.

When it came to Cam's ears, he ran home with his mother. The stepmother aunted him to go back and send the workers to cut down the two trees, put the wood into a loom, and if the king asked, he could find something to lie.

When returning to the palace, one day there was a stormy wind, Cam immediately asked the mechanic to cut down two oval trees dug in the graceful garden, then took the wood to make a loom for himself. Seeing that the tree was cut, the king asked Cam and Cam again and said:

- Typhoon caused trees to fall, and he sent the workers to chop off looms to weave clothes for people.

However, when the loom was finished, when Cam sat in weaving, she always heard the sound of the looming curse saying:

- Screeches,
Taking pictures of her husband,
She opened her eyes.

Hearing that, I was so scared, she rushed home to tell her mother. She asked her stepmother to send her a burnt-out loom, and then bring the ashes to a place far away for peace of mind. Returning to the palace, Cam listened to the mother to take the loom to burn. It then carried the ashes of the loom that had fallen on one side of the road far from the palace.

From the ashes, right next to the road there was a very large tree with big, lush branches. When the fruit comes out, this tree only passes one fruit, but its aroma spreads all over. There was an old woman selling water nearby, one day passing by under a tree, she smelled very fragrant, when she looked up, she saw a tall branch with a dangling market. The old woman immediately raised her device and muttered that:

- Thi oi, the town lost her, she let her smell, but she did not eat.

When the old woman said that she had finished the sentence, the upper town immediately fell into her body. The old woman brought the market to cradling in the bedroom, every now and then ran inside to watch and inhale the aroma of the town.

Every day the old woman went to the market, so she was away from home. Waiting for the old lady to leave, the word in that town immediately came up with another small finger, blinking one time, she became a beautiful Girl every day. The plate left the shell and brought the house to sweep away, tidy and clean, then went to get rice to blow rice, go to the garden to pick up the vegetable to cook for the old woman. After finishing everything, the Plate turned into a tiny bit and then slipped into the same shell.

Every time from the market, the old lady found that her house was naturally tidy and clean, and the rice was finished. So she felt extremely surprised and strange.

One day, she always went to the market, as usual, but when she was halfway there, she sneaked back home and looked at the bush behind her house to see what happened. As every day, she came out of her vision, then did all the things she used to do.

The old woman hiding in the bush kept cowering and looked into the door slots. She saw an extremely beautiful young woman who helped me to do everything. At this moment, she was so happy, she suddenly rushed the door and rushed in to hold the plate tightly, bringing the sheath to shreds. From that day on, he lived with the old woman in the water, both loved each other like their mother and daughter. Every day, the Plate helps the old woman with things like blowing rice, cooking water, then wrapping the cake and adding betel nut to the old lady to bring it to sell.

The other day when the king left the palace for a walk. Seeing that there is a clean water shop on the side of the road, the king dropped in. The old woman immediately poured betel water to the king. When he saw that the pieces of betel nut were beautifully decorated, the king suddenly realized that the pieces of this betel nut were exactly the same as the previous day's betrayal of the wife, the king immediately said:

- This old lady, is this betel nut because of someone?

The old woman replied:

- This betel is the hand of the elder's daughter.

- Where's your daughter, please call here to see my face for a bit.

The old woman came to the house and called in to come out. When the Plate appeared, the king immediately realized that she was his wife, but it seemed that now she had a younger look. The king was very happy and told the old lady of the country to bring everything to tell her. Then the king immediately sent the soldiers to bring the palanquin to pick up the Plate back to the palace.

When Cam saw the Plate, he was loved again by the king, and he was too scared. Looking for a day, Bran went to the plate and asked:

- Sister, Sister, how do you look more beautiful?

It also did not answer Cam's question, only gently asked:

- Do you want to be beautiful?

Hearing that, Cam immediately agreed. The plate then sent the soldiers to dig a deep hole, then told Cam to come down, and the Plate was above the commander who poured boiling water into it. After dying, Plate asked the person to bring Cam's body to make fish sauce, then brought it to the house and asked the person to bring her stepmother at home, saying that it was a gift that her daughter sent her to give.

My stepmother saw it so I thought it was really good to bring the sauce to use, and every day she would eat it and the plate would praise the delicious sauce. There was a crow from where to fly, parked on the roof of the house and cried:

- Delicious and delicious! Mommy eats children, but does not ask for a piece?

Listening to the crows calling on the roof of the house, the aunt was very angry, she scolded loudly, then took the bird to chase away the crow. However, when she had eaten almost all of her fish sauce, she peeked in to see her son's skull lying on the bottom of the bed, and she immediately fell to death.

The story of the best old-fashioned bran is here. Wishing the children who are good at learning and good at teaching like Ms. Tam!
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