Three ax blades

There was once a poor woodcutter, his parents were so sick that he died soon, he had to live orphaned his parents since childhood and his property had only one ax. Every day he had to take axes to the forest to cut down the firewood for sale to earn money to earn a living. At the edge of the forest, there is a river running very fast, someone who accidentally slipped into the river could hardly swim to the shore.

One day, as usual, the woodcutter carried the ax into the forest to cut firewood, while cutting the wood by the river bank, unfortunately his ax broke and the ax fell into the river. Because the river flowed so fast that although he knew how to swim, he could not go to the river to find an ax. Frustrated the woodcutter sitting crying and crying.

Suddenly from somewhere a silver-white haired man, long beard, very gentle eyes appeared in front of him, he looked at him and asked,

-Hey, what are you having when you see me crying and sad?

The woodcutter answered the old man:

-Dear, my parents died early, I had to live orphaned from a young age, my family background was very poor, my only property was an iron ax that my parents had left before my death. There was that ax I went to the forest to cut firewood to make a living through the day, now it has fallen into the river, I don't know what to take to make a living anymore. So I'm very sad, sir!

He answered the woodcutter:

-I thought something big, don't cry anymore, so I can dive into the river to get you an ax.

After saying that, the old man plunged into the fast-flowing river. After a while, the old man rose from the water and held a shiny silver ax and asked the poor woodcutter:

- Is this the ax that you dropped?

The woodcutter looked silver at the ax, not his, so he shook his head and told him:

- Not your ax, my ax's blade with mechanical iron.

For the second time, the old man plunged into the fast-flowing river to find the ax for the woodcutter. A moment later, the old man rose from the water and held the golden ax and asked the woodcutter:

-Is this the ax that you accidentally dropped into the river?

The woodcutter looked at the bright golden ax, he shook his head and said:

-It's not the tool's ax

For the third time, the old man plunged into the river again and this time when he was holding him in his hand, he was an iron ax of the drop of a woodcutter. The old man asked again:

- So is this your ax!

Seeing it was his ax, the woodcutter exclaimed happily:

-Well, this is my ax, thank you for finding the ax blade so that I can cut the wood to make a living.

The old man gave the woodcutter his iron ax blade and praised:

-You are a sincere and honest person, have no desire for money and profit. Now we give you two gold and silver axes. This is a gift I give you, I will gladly accept it

The woodcutter happily supported the two axes that he gave and thanked. The old man turned into magic and disappeared. At that time the woodcutter knew that he had just been helped.
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