Three little pigs and wolves

Fairy tales three little pigs build houses and a wolf
It is said that once upon a time, there was a mother pig who gave birth to 3 little pigs. All three pigs live with their mothers, so they are very fast, when the mother pig sees her cubs have grown up and grown up, then the mother pig calls her three children and says:

- Children, everyone is now grown up, not as small as before. It is now time for us to let the children go, each must build their own new home. However, you need to be very careful, not to let a wicked wolf catch you, otherwise he will eat it right away.

The three little pigs bid farewell away from their mother when they started their journey, they said to each other:

- All three of us must be very careful, lest the gray wolf catch meat!

3 piglets can walk a few times and immediately meet a farmer, he is carrying a huge bundle of straw on him. All three stood back, politely greeted the farmer. The first pig told me that:

- Mr. Farmer, can you give us your bundle of straw? I want to make a straw house myself.

Seeing the pig speak, the farmer also smiled happily and said:

- I want to build a house with real straw boy, so okay, I'll give you all this straw.

The whole pig was extremely happy to receive the big straw bundle that the farmer gave him. He took the straw and built it into a straw house. When the house is finished, it will say:

- From now on, I will have a straw house to live in, and the wolf will never catch me, I will not worry about being eaten by him.

The second pig said:

- I will also build a house that is more solid than this straw house.

And the youngest pig also said:

- Me too, your straw house looks very fragile, it is impossible to resist the heavy rain and wind, I will build a very solid house myself.

Saying the second pig with the young pig continues his journey, and the pig decides to stay at the straw house he just made. When going a distance away, both pigs will meet the woodcutter, who is carrying on the shoulder of the firewood with huge branches. The second pig immediately came and told the woodcutter that:

- Mr. Woodcutter, can you give me your bunch of trees? I want to use these branches to make a house for myself.

When the pig asked, the woodcutter was happy and said:

- Of course, boy, I'll give you all this branch of your tree, try using them to build a house for me.

After receiving the bundle of branches from the woodcutter, the second pig immediately set up a tree branch for himself. Once completed, he immediately said:

- The tree house looks more definitely than his straw house. And now he doesn't have to worry that wolves can eat themselves.

But the youngest pig still said:

- I will go and build myself a more stable house than this tree branch of you.

Because the second pig was very pleased with the tree house that he had just finished, so he decided to stay there. Now the journey is only the youngest pig to follow. He walked a little further and caught the builder, he was pulling a car with red bricks. Pig and greeted the construction worker and asked:

- My builder, can you give me this tile of yours? I want to build a house for myself with those red bricks.

Talking to the pig, the builder is also pleased to say:

- Of course you can, boy, you can get as many bricks as you want and build a house with bricks.

Once enough bricks are needed to build a house, the youngest pig takes a lot of time to complete his own house. But those things are nothing at all, because it has a very valuable result, a solid and very solid house. Looking at his house, he mentally mentions:

- My house is good, so wolves can't eat me.

One day, a wolf appeared. First, he went to the straw house of the pig that lost its place. When the first pig saw the wolf, he rushed into the house and closed the door. The wolf saw and smiled:

- That stupid pig. You think hiding in this weak house can stop me from getting you to eat meat?

After saying that, the wolf snarled and blew hard, the weak straw house immediately collapsed. And the little pig is easily eaten by wolves.

The next day the wolf along the road yesterday went on. The wolf meets a house built from dry branches, this house is the second pig. When the second pig saw the wolf coming, he was terrified, he ran quickly into the house and tightened the door. But the wolf laughed and said:

- Another stupid pig, with your tree branch, I just blew a blow, it flew right away, you think you can escape me or something.

Saying that the wolf took a deep breath and tried to blow hard, the house of the tree branch could not stand and collapsed immediately, and the second pig was easily eaten by the wolf.

The wolf continued on the old road, the next day he met the red brick house of the youngest pig. When the young pig saw the wolf, a circuit ran straight into the house, then closed the door. The wolf came and opened his mouth to threaten:

- The pig, how can you escape, two days ago I brought two houses of pigs like you blew away and eaten meat. Now I will let your house fly.

After saying that, the wolf took a breath and blew it hard like it did twice. However, this house was built of bricks, so it was extremely solid, no matter how much the wolf tried to blow, the house did not decline at all, let alone collapse.

The wolf thought, "This pig seems to be smarter, but if you want to eat it, then you have to use a soft method." The wolf told the young pig:

- Hey piglet, in the morning of 6 o'clock, we go together with Mr. Smith's farm together, we will have the most delicious and fresh radishes for cooking there.

- Oh! If so, it's good, I like radish!

The young pig also responded to the wolf's words. But by intelligence, the piglet also understands that the wolf says it is to deceive, then grab him and eat meat. Therefore, in the morning of the next day, at exactly five o'clock in the morning, the piglet ran alone to the farm of Mr. Smith's house, the piglet got himself a lot of fresh radish, then returned to his house first when the clock hits six in the morning.

Like my words the day before, when the six o'clock arrived, the wolf went over and knocked on the pig's door. When he heard a knock on the door, the piglet knew that the wolf had arrived, and he said:

- I went to Mr. Smith's farm, and I also brought me a basket of fresh radish used for dinner.

When listening to the piglet, the wolf is very angry, but it still tries to be soft and says:

- If that's the case then tomorrow morning we'll both go to Mr. Brown's apple orchard. We can get fresh red apples there.

- Really! That's good, I like apples.

This time the little pig is happy to follow the wolf's enticement. But the next morning, she got up earlier than the day before, four o'clock in the morning she took her basket to Brown's apple orchard. But when he was busy climbing up the tall branches to pick apples, from where suddenly the wolf suddenly appeared below.

Seeing the wolf come, the piglet was also extremely scared, but he still tried to calm down, trying to pretend to have nothing and tell the wolf:

- I just picked a delicious apple fruit just now, let me throw it down for you to try first!

The piglet throws an apple under the tree, the apple immediately rolls to the far, so the wolf must chase to pick it up. On that occasion, the piggy child quickly slipped out of the tree and ran a circuit to his house and locked the door tightly.

Seeing that wolf, I was extremely annoyed because I knew I had been plotted by the piglet. But wolves still tried to appear as normal and went and knocked on the pig's door and said:

- Pig, if you like to go to the fair, four o'clock this afternoon I'm going to take you there. There are countless fun games like swinging, horse riding ...

- Oh! Then it must be fun, I like it very much.

The little pig answered the wolf like that, but it was two o'clock in the afternoon when he rushed to the fair. Piglets are extremely happy with how many good games there are. After having enjoyed the fun, the piglet bought a box to store the butter, it was very similar to the big barrels people used to store alcohol.

Piglets pushed the newly bought big bucket and returned home, when walking on the road, from the distance it saw the wolf figure climbing up the hill. He was a little panicked, so he jumped inside the empty container and rolled quickly down the slope.

The barrel rushed and rammed straight at the wolf, causing it to tumble into the ground. The wolf was knocked to pain, he didn't know anything, thought there was something dangerous, so he was afraid to run away. And the piglet just rolled in the barrel to the end of the slope, it jumped out of the empty bin then rolled it home.

The next morning, the wolf came again and knocked on the pig's door. The wolf said:

- Hey pig friend, last afternoon when I went up on the hill, something was rolling down from there and knocked very hard. Because I can't hurt you to go to the fair. Let's go this afternoon.

The piglet then laughed two ha and then told the wolf:

- It was me knocking yesterday, I was lying in an avocado box at that time.

When the wolf heard it, he was angry, he could not keep calm anymore, he growled and shouted:

- Ah, okay, then I will get you right now. I will climb on the chimney of your house and fall into the house to make you flesh, wait for that pig.

Say that the wolf immediately climbs onto the roof and follows the chimney to enter the house. But it was doubtful that the piglet had to cook a large pot of boiling water on the stove to wait for it right below the chimney. The wolf fell down into the pot of boiling water and died.

So the wicked wolf died, it is worth it. And our youngest pig escaped because he was very intelligent!
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