Turtle and rabbit

The story of turtle and rabbit fairy tales together runs class 1
That day, in a forest there was a Turtle and a Rabbit living together. It can be said Turtle and Rabbit are a very close couple in this forest. But suddenly, one day, the two didn't understand why they were arguing loudly about who ran faster.

After a fierce argument, the Tortoise and Rabbit decided to organize a running competition to determine who could finish first, who was also faster.

Rabbits are known to be one of the fastest-running animals in the forest, so just starting the race, I used all my strength to run. The rabbit ran as fast as a gunman, and after a while Rabbit had found herself leaving the Turtle in the far distance. In the heart of the Rabbit:

- That turtle is far from being able to catch up, he is extremely slow, then let's take a break and relax!

Thinking like that, the Rabbit was not in a hurry, just having fun while walking, all the flowers were picked and the butterflies were caught, and when Rabbit was tired, she came under a big tree, rolled out and slept. During the time when the Rabbit relaxed and played, the Turtle still worked hard and walked step by step, heavy steps gradually brought Turtle towards the destination.

When Rabbit was asleep and woke up, the sky began to turn dark. At this time, the Rabbit was startled and realized that our Turtle was about to reach its destination first. Rabbit hurriedly rushed in gold and chased after him, but was no longer in time, the Turtle came to its destination before it.

So in the end, Rabbit had to give in to the Turtle. Because of contempt for Tortoise, Rabbit was not serious in the running competition, eventually suffered defeat, and the Tortoise became the fastest runner because of his perseverance, patience and hard work.

Read stories about turtle accumulation and running rabbits, draw some valuable lessons for yourself!
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